28th of May, 2020

Legal Tech Helper is a Pitch Competition finalist in the 2020 ALTA - Australian Legal Technology Association Conference!

(See the ALTACON site for more details.)

About us

Legal information is fragmented across different websites and is often text-heavy and legalistic. Our aim is to help ordinary people find relevant legal information and understand the practical steps involved in solving their problem.

We are currently seeking to partner with not for profit organisations, community legal centres and government agencies to re-imagine the way online legal information is presented.

Our initial focus is improving women’s access to justice, in areas such as family, property, finance and housing.

  • Together with our partners, design solutions that put customers first.
  • Put accessibility front and center in everything we do. (Accessible for people with disabilities as well as being accessible for people who are culturally and linguistically diverse and have different socioeconomic backgrounds.)
  • Provide a workplace framework that facilitates strong teamwork, support and collaboration.

Using design-thinking principles and agile methodology build great software that