8th March, 2023

Legal Tech Helper guest speaker at International Women’s Day event

In honour of International Women’s Day and this year’s UN theme "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality" Legal Tech Helper’s Co-Founder Samantha Lovrich was invited by Australian law firm Lander + Rogers to speak about the experience of being an all female-founded legal tech company.

Whilst there were relatively low barriers to entry in starting a company, Samantha spoke about the time it has taken to build social capital and traction, the low change appetite in the legal industry and limited access to funding as significant challenges as female founders.

Samantha spoke about the importance of elevating the voices of women in tech, employing and promoting them, backing female founded companies by investing in them if you can or by buying their products or services. Law firms have the opportunity to partner and collaborate with female-founded businesses. Samantha warned that without clients or funding to grow, they will remain micro or small businesses, or disappear altogether.

International Women's Day

Photo: Samantha Lovrich with Lander + Rogers’ Peter Monk, Lisa Fitzgerald, Jackie Solakovski, Joanna Renkin, Genevieve Collins and Michelle Grossman

International Women's Day

Photo: Samantha Lovrich and Lisa Fitzgerald, Partner Lander + Rogers

23rd February, 2023

Legal Tech Helper at WALTA Hour of Power event
Enabling legal service providers to create great digital experiences for people who need legal help

Legal Tech Helper participated in the first Women of Australian Legal Technology Association's “Hour of Power" event dedicated to female-founded Australian legal tech companies.

The online event featured snappy four-minute presentations from female led legal tech companies in Australia showing their latest business developments and product offerings.

The full recording and commentary with each presenter, as well as our individual video can be found at

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