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16th May, 2022

Legal Tech Helper at NewLaw Career Summit

Legal Tech Helper’s Co-Founder Samantha Lovrich was a speaker on the LegalTech Developer panel as part of the Centre for Legal Innovation’s NewLaw Career Summit on 16 May 2022.

Legaltech is the key enabler of legal innovation and the legal industry’s transformation. It makes legal work better, easier and delivered faster and cheaper. It’s at the top of the list as a driver for continuous improvement but it’s also a large investment of time and money for any business. The role of a legaltech developer is about understanding this context, working with clients, and then creating solutions that anticipate, exceed expectations, and deliver real value.

A video recording of the event has been made by the Centre for Legal Innovation and is available at and is available at

28th of March, 2022

Legal Tech Helper in global Legaltech Hub directory

Legal Tech Helper can now be found in the recently refreshed Legaltech Hub, the most comprehensive directory and resource on global legal technology. Legal Tech Helper is delighted to be amongst the 104 legal tech consultants listed in a new Consultant category added to the Hub. This category encompasses all consultants who operate to improve the effectiveness of commercial legal organisations, either on the law firm side or for corporate in-house departments.

The Legaltech Hub is an excellent resource to find legal tech companies by topic and category as well as legal tech and innovation events around the world.

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8th of March 2022

Legal Tech Helper in women in legal tech report

Legal Tech Helper was pleased to be included in the world’s first report on gender diversity in legal technology produced by the Australian Legal Technology Association with Alpha Creates and PEXA.

Only 21% of Australian legal tech founders are women and funding is a critical roadblock for female founders. The report’s key recommendations were to increase the visibility of female founders, increase funding opportunities and women’s representation in legal tech decision making.

Legal Tech Helper is a proud member of the Australian Legal Technology Association and the Women of Australian Legal Technology Association (WALTA).

The "Diversity in LegalTech Report" can be downloaded from .

15th February, 2022

Legal Tech Helper Virtual Demo

Legal Tech Helper demonstrated Divorce Helper as part of the Centre for Legal Innovation’s Legal Techy Tuesday series in association with the Lander & Rogers LegalTech Hub.

Legal Tech Helper discussed docassemble, and the benefits and use cases of Free and Open Source Software in the legal industry, access to justice and human-centred design, ways to reduce the cognitive load on consumers and highlighting issues around safety and accessibility .

The summary and video of the presentation can be found at

1st of November, 2021

Legal Tech Helper a case study in innovation engagement

Legal Tech Helper was pleased to share our experience engaging with the Victorian Legal Services Board & Commissioner's Innovation Inbox as a case study in their 2021 Annual Report (page 44).

We contacted the Innovation Inbox in the early stages of our business to validate that the guided pathways we planned to build for consumers did not raise regulatory issues. That first conversation gave us confidence that we were on the right track, and we've kept in touch with the innovation team, showing them and obtaining feedback on our web application Divorce Helper when it was in limited release.

For those wanting to 'do law differently' and test the waters with different service delivery models and technology, it is very encouraging to be able to engage with VLSB&C in this way.

27th of October, 2021

Legal Tech Helper a panellist at Spark Festival

Legal Tech Helper Co-Founder Samantha Lovrich spoke at the 'The Technical Founders Guide to Getting Your First Customers' event at the Spark Festival, Australia's leading grassroots technical and innovation festival.

As one of three tech founder panellists, Samantha discussed Legal Tech Helper’s origin story, the importance of having a co-founder with complementary skills and a shared vision, and some of the strategies we used to acquire our first beta users and bring traction to our startup.

28th of September, 2021

The legal-tech revolution lies in the cloud

Legal Tech Helper was featured on the Australian small business website BIT (Business IT) as a case study of a legal tech startup adopting cloud technology to meet client and industry demand for faster, more efficient, technology-driven results.

"For Legal Tech Helper, partnering with a global cloud provider [OVHcloud] was critical. By selecting a cloud partner that aligns with the brand’s core values of freedom and data privacy when collating legal information, it has greatly enhanced its solution capacities and expanded its growth as a business.

Together with the capabilities of a managed Kubernetes service, the startup is able to leverage a public cloud infrastructure that allows flexibility and scalability in building its web applications.

Not only does this guarantee access to a secure and reliable platform to host client data, but as they build their cloud infrastructure it also helps in connecting with a global partner network. The significance of this is, as the business begins by hosting their data in Australia, it also provides the opportunity and resources to scale in overseas markets in the years to come."

- Yian Ling Tan,  "The legal-tech revolution lies in the cloud", Business IT, 28 Sep 2021

27th of September, 2021

Divorce Helper a case study in design thinking

Legal Tech Helper were invited by RMIT Activator to speak with first year law students at RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law about our story and vision, and how we applied human centred design to building Divorce Helper. We showed the students how our user research informed the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the web application as it progressed from alpha to beta release.

We were excited to see RMIT University embedding design thinking and human centred design in the first year course curriculum, so all law students are introduced to these tools and ways of thinking - and hopefully embed them in how they practise law, or redesign the law, in the future.

25th of August, 2021

Legal Tech Helper announces launch of Divorce Helper

Almost everyone knows someone who’s been through a divorce. Family law matters are complex, stressful and time-consuming. There’s no central place online for consumers to obtain information relevant to their circumstances while remaining anonymous.

We have built a web application Divorce Helper that aims to simplify and guide people through the divorce application process in an empathetic way. It’s free for consumers to use and they can share details about their situation without having to identify themselves.

We would welcome the opportunity to give you a demonstration.

We are looking for law firms and organisations who may be interested in collaborating with us on making Divorce Helper even better... or who are thinking about customer‑facing tools in other areas.

We would love to hear from you.
Please email us at or call +61 419 367 968.

29th of July, 2021

Legal Tech Helper at ALTA Hour of Power event

Legal Tech Helper showcased our new web application Divorce Helper at the Australian Legal Technology Association's 'Hour of Power' event.

The online event featured snappy four-minute presentations from leading legal tech companies in Australia showing their latest business developments and product offerings.

You can watch our individual short video delivered at the event. The full recording and commentary with each presenter can be found at

1st of June, 2021

Liftoff Awards

Legal Tech Helper named Finalist in the 2021 Lift Off Awards

Legal Tech Helper has been selected as a finalist in the 2021 Lift Off Awards for Legal Tech or RegTech Startup or Scaleup of the Year. The awards celebrate gender and cultural diversity across the tech ecosystem in Australia. As two female founders combining legal and technical expertise, we are proud to be a finalist in these prestigious awards.

Only 21% of legal tech founders in Australia are women, so we look forward to celebrating and increasing that representation.

Our thanks to YBF Ventures, Lander & Rogers and OVHcloud for championing and nurturing this ecosystem.

21st of May, 2021

Legal Tech Helper joins OVHcloud Startup Program

Legal Tech Helper was recently selected to join the OVHcloud Startup Program.

OVHcloud is the global hyperscale cloud provider and the largest European cloud provider. OVH Public Cloud is one of the world’s largest Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions based on the open source OpenStack platform.

OVHcloud supports startups who propose innovative, technical projects that have growth potential. Since 2015, over 1800 startups around the world have joined the program.

"We are excited to be a part of the OVHcloud APAC ecosystem. We felt we are aligned with shared values around freedom and open source, interoperability, privacy-respecting and secure collection and storage of data. As a legal tech startup, data sovereignty is important to us. People trust us with sensitive information and we have to ensure that it stays private," said Co-Founder and Technical Lead, Tatiana Lenz.

"OVHCloud is operating in a technical and legal framework that enables us to keep that promise to our clients. It's also reassuring to know that OVHcloud is willing to apply their expertise in building cloud infrastructure to review our production environments and help us plan for future growth."

As part of the 12 month program, Legal Tech Helper will receive 10,000€ worth of credit to use on OVHcloud services as well as technical support from senior solution architects to help it build its cloud infrastructure. Legal Tech Helper will also be connected into a global peer-to-peer and partner network and have the support of a dedicated business ambassador for APAC to support its growth.

More details about the OVHcloud Startup Program can be found at

3rd of August, 2020

Legal Tech Helper joins 2020 LawTech Hub

Legal Tech Helper is proud to be a new resident in the Lander & Rogers’ LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures.

The LawTech Hub was first launched in May 2019 as a collaborative environment bringing together start-ups and scale ups in the legal technology and innovation ecosystem.

Legal Tech Helper is one of nine residents in this third cohort developing legal technology to drive digital transformation in the way legal services are delivered.

“Joining the hub and having support from Lander & Rogers and YBF Ventures comes at an important time for us,” said Co-Founder Samantha Lovrich. “Our goal is to get our minimum viable product into beta testing and commercialise our business in the next six months. We’re strong believers in collaboration and look forward to learning from Lander & Rogers, YBF, the hub mentors and the other legal tech start-ups and scale ups in the program.”

More details about the LawTech Hub can be found at

28th of May, 2020

Legal Tech Helper named pitch finalist at 2020 Australian Legal Technology Association Conference (ALTACON)